Lore – Chapter 14 Page 19

Stretching Ink Thin

Isaiah looks like he might be just a tad bit of a work-aholic… and doesn’t seem like he likes being called out for it.

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  1. Well some one have been a busy bee it seems. Cant help my self but seem someone told him that the Boss man was going to start replacing Order member with A.I. and he what to make sure it not him.

    Joking a side. I do like how even the Boss guy is saying slow down and maybe finish one of his work. He may not care for any of the member as human but he does not what to break a tool needless. That said look how Isaiah is messing with his pen, he does not seem a fan of this.

  2. For all his faults at least he knows to keep some sort of work-life balance. Haven’t read the Bound-Labyrinth; but its obviously something Marissa is going to face to defeat the Bondman.

  3. Just noticed the, “defective” maiden, seems to be some sort of Edyt wonder what that is all about. I think she might end up with Akina if that is the case. Since I believe Akina and Marissa are going to be teaming up to take down the Boundman and Isaiah.

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