Lore – Chapter 14 Page 2

Argument in Philosophy

I can see both points of view… though I feel like I’m leaning more of Ryuna’s side. Blood pressure, guys.

One Comment on “Lore – Chapter 14 Page 2

  1. Ok so what we learn from this page.
    1. Marisa is still there. I was sure she would have wander off or some thing.
    2. Ohm plan is for them to keep Isaiah busy so Marisa can face Bound with no outside help.That does sound simple enough but I can see why Paige not happy with this.
    3. Ohm does have liement on what he can see in the book. All so I do love how we got hint that the Marcus falling in his part of the book and the Princess bottles has been happening like this.Funny little nod.
    4. Last but not lest. Paige have blood pressure…..no wonder why she like incense and a good pint. I feel she need both right now.

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