Lore – Chapter 14 Page 1

Recollecting One’s Thoughts

Yeah, this is not going to get any easier, Akina.

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  1. I was wondering if you where going to have a time skip or start chapter 14 where we left off in the end of 13.Make more scent for the time skip. All so I like the idea of a journal (agree with Akaina there to many ways to go this) as a writing tool to tell us reader what had happen.There still question I will like to now. Like what happen to the Marisa that was in the Inn? what about the ink line of Akina arms?(look anger at Akina sleeves )? Did Ohm tell them any thing else?….ect.

    All so to answer Akina for fun. I find two ways I like. Begin at the start(Du) or start with what ever most stick out in your head at the moment.Last thing …I like how you made a nest for the owls behind the chimney

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