Lore – Chapter 14 Page 3

A Capable Figure

If the snake mage is in the running, that’s not a good sign…

5 Comments on “Lore – Chapter 14 Page 3

  1. Heheh it moment like this that I love that Ohm has a mask as it make the stare down between him and Paige all the more funny. A long when the two where told by Akina to quite down.

    Beside that I do love that Paige ask Ohm what Marisa he got eye on. He have two good one but I got to agree what he said about why they don’t work as well. Mmm let see who else can he pick?Now that I think about Marisa really dont have many line that make good fighters.

  2. Yeesh we’re at the bottom of the barrel scraping at what’s in the corners at this point. Might be best to start from scratch and actively guide a Marissa to the point where she can fight the Bondman. Yeah your directly interfering but the other options are far, far worse in my opinion.

    • If they can recover Eliza and Beth from Akinas arms, they might be able to pull something off with the Marissa they have on hand. Especially if they are still the versions they were when they became puddles if ink.

  3. Perhaps the best option is to get a Beth and Eliza to do the hunting for you.

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