Lore – Chpt 13 Page 24

The Broken Heart

Oof. The Bound Maiden just coming in here at the end to finish stamping on Marisa.

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  1. Well that leave very little to the mind on what happen. Will not lie I do like how the ink splat look. You can tell Beth are was around Eliza and both had a line reaching out to Marisa. All so the way the color mix and you had that one friendship bracelet between the ink really show how close the two where.
    Any way time for the big part of the page. MARISA FULL BREAK DOWN! Really like how the group shot broke into piece and you see Boundman behind it. That really good and creepy. Then you get that lovely breaking of Marisa her self. Winch is pretty cool as you got the mix goblin dwarf form and then what ever this new form is. Winch we get to fully see next panel. Sort of imp likewith the horn and tail. Would say she was really cute if not for the eyes as we have seen those before and they are not good for the character at all. Seeing what Maiden is saying. I will guess she like a small child or scary little animal risk wise.

  2. I am REALLY hoping Bound Maiden gets erased after this, and I hope that her creator loses his Precious Boundman again, oooooo Isaiah has done so much Damage I just wanna see him feel what Marisa is feeling right now but several times over.
    If you wanted to make him one of the worst of the Lorecrafters, you succeeded

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