Lore – Chpt 13 Page 25

Fury of the Ink

I think Akina said stop, Bound Maiden.

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    • It is more likely that it is the one she stole from Loid back in the early chapters, if it is an Edyt that she releases.

  1. Maiden forgot she is all so adorable.
    Joking a side. I really like this page wall breaking. Frist the ink from Akina going out out and behind the three middle panels and then coming from the side of the bottom one. in that claw to snap the her arm like a twig. Along with most of the background as well. Seeing as she said she only had one drop left and Akina has so much her self. This is going to be like watching a kid rip the wings off a fly.

    That said the bog eye catch for me was Eliza and Beth ink moving toward Akina. I will not lie that never even cross my mind. I was thinking the pool more like corpses of a dead body and forgot they are still ink.Mmm this give me ideas to bring up in the idea box later on. For now though going to think what Akina going to look come next page as I the words piss come to mind along with a bit of green and dark pink color.

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