Lore – Chpt 13 Page 23

Shattered Memories

Marisa can do nothing but watch. Akina can do nothing but feel. Yet they both see the same emotion – pain.

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  1. YEEEAAHHHh if Marisa mind was not all ready mess up and close to breaking thanks to Isaiah doing, that image sure as hell throw her into the deep end of mess up. We can maybe throw into a slime tf but that hole splat really dont leave much to the mind in what Marisa just saw. Still love this page as the two melting was really cool looking and I love how even with them melting they still try to walk to Marisa and try say they protect her. Now my big question is what Akina going to see once she can see again. Will Marisa be there or she run away? Will Eliza and Beth just be pools of green and red/pink on the ground or will they be gone fully? So many wonderful thing to wait for!

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