Lore – Chpt 13 Page 22

Green’s Fall

This is growing increasingly dire. Far beyond Akina’s skill level to deal with.

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  1. It shocking what a few pages later and some time between them can change how you see them. When Beth first got hit like many I freak out and worry but now that we are here. I’m enjoying … I will not say the pain but how you have draw it. The panels of Eliza arm being blast off was ooohhhh %^$#!!! All so the two inking is really cool looking. See Marisa fully breaking down is all awesome. We seen her body break and change a number of times in the last two chapters or so but this is a first. Really this fight ending up being just one of the many lost for Marisa was surprise but in all of the good ways. We all should know now that if Marisa really what a happy ending again some one has to go after the man pulling the bounding. Hopefully Paige been having good work on that said.

    For now be looking forward to seeing how this all tie up for this four

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