Lore – Chpt 12 Page 4

‘A Confusing Green Mess’

This is just one big mess for sure. I feel bad for Beth, left to fend for herself.

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  1. LOL!! I love how Paige pull off Marisa by using that long hair . I guess that is one bad side of having hair as long as you are tall. It all so was good of her to point out to Akina she was not changing though if she keep thinking about she would. Much like she did when she went dwarf a chapter or two ago. So what ever the rewrite is not spread by touch. Well that good to now but see as Marisa just lose some color to her outfit and gain some nice looking bound wrist bands .I feel Beth is going to be right about becoming a goblin soon her self. Either she be one by the time they get back or when they do the first change hits. Winch I dont mind as Maris and Ezla where gold this page. I was laugh at the first panel but dieing at the second one. 🤣 Thanks to their …..er friendly name calling we learn this version of Marisa have all was been a goblin or that at lest what they think.All so do to Beth comment we learn unlike with L rewrite only the one that have been change now of the new plot. Before hand Beth had two set of plot. I wonder if that mean Darin is still her bother? Any way next page I feel we are going to get some new info of the book.

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