Lore – Chpt 12 Page 3

‘Pulling Back the Pages’

Its like a game of tag or something? Beth better be faster then Maris and Ezla than.

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  1. LOL!! Goblin Eliza or as she is called Ezla is born. Got to say that tf was really cool with the flying of the pages off of her and we getting that cool half way point. It was all so a good way to get Ezla back into her full outfit with out the need of going back to her room. Really happy it seem she main change as well as I do like this goblin speech. It easy enough to read and feel right as well. As for how she look. She look great in my eyes. Love how the scar goes full down her face. The great part of such details is it make you wonder if it happen like the other version or was it done in a new way. Moving on I love Maris way of thought in the next three panels. I mean she is not wrong at all. So it a good show even though her speech make her sound dumb she is not. Why Beth is likely worry about her friends….she has no wish to join them. I freaking lose it at the touchy touchy panel. That was to funny and both of them look super cute. That said Beth best hope is to go hide off screen and let the other two deal with it. Though I dont think she be that luckey and I sort of what to see her get tf as well. Not only because I wonder how she look but I all so notice once Ezla was done Marisa hair all so got a lot more fuzzy and puffy in the back. So what will happen if Bea does show up?

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