Lore – Chpt 12 Page 5

‘Don’t Let Them Read’

Akina needs to start taking notes as this stuff is very complicated.

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  1. Well this page remind me of a few thing that I forgot or did not even think of. Like I remember Marisa finding the book but do to what we learn after those page about Isaiah/Boundman(yes we saw them but we did not get the details tell later) I just thought nothing more about her finding the book(she did not see any thing of meaning to her) and thought it was all those two. Then we get to the lower part and how this Marisa may not be the real one and just one of the many other versions. So her becoming a goblin can simple be do to the book remolding it self and have nothing to do with the other two. It just Fang throwing out red herring or some other author tool. Last thing I got to say this may al this thinking may be mute do to Akina and Paige dont now about Isaiah and what he doing with Boundman. So nice info page but missing some big piece it feels as well.Just got to wait and see.

  2. Thus we have the problem where the story of A Unicorn’s Tale is different due to the actions of the Lorekeepers and the Written

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