Lore – Chpt 12 Page 18

‘A Big Painted Mess’

I’m reminded of my days in art class when we had to work with paint and how some students just got it EVERYWHERE.

One Comment on “Lore – Chpt 12 Page 18

  1. Well this page will have me giggling for hours and for many reason to boot. First is that Paige was the one that turn the Trio into old ladies. Beside that being funny in it self. I really like that it do to that the only way she can find thing out. No way better to learn then though trial and error. Winch leads to the other reason I like this page. How Paige told Akina it was bad(have to remember that one) and how she going to be throwing out some more combo so watch them. So next page is going to be fun to see what she throw out. That said going to guess do what in her hand , Eliza going to become a boar and Marisa going back to a dwarf. Though seeing as Marisa still a goblin(that panel alone will made this page good by the way) she may stay that way no matter how Paige change it.

    I should stop here but one more thing. I like how the book is still making pages. Even though Paige is trying to help. Show even if they are good, Paige (and Akina likely ) are still out side forces messing with it in it eyes.

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