Lore – Chpt 12 Page 19

‘Pigs in the Inn’

Two different flavors of pork tonight – wild and gamey. Wonder what the next page flip will bring.

3 Comments on “Lore – Chpt 12 Page 19

  1. Oh god I love this page!
    First the dwarf page. I love how Marisa cant speak common, that make a lot of scent to me .Beth telling us what she said why Eliza just say she drink it fit them well to.All and all great start of the page but it get better as Paige throw in her page. Before the changes . I like the flipping of the of the pages to show the tf part. I think that have been my fav part of this chapter is how you did that. Now for the tf….PIGGY! Great to see Eliza boar again. She so cute looking at the screen. Another detail I like is how the tea become a leek and Beth is eating it. Marisa is the sweets looking with all that armor. She look like some thing a Viking will ride into battle.Paige freaking out about animal inn was a laugh do to some of the thing we had in it all ready. Now for the last panel.Well at lest they are more human like. Best part about this one is Beth still eating the leek, Marisa confuse look on her face and them still oinking away.
    In the end agree with Paige that this is going to be tricky. Wounder how many more they go though.

  2. Getting closer…also, nice use of the pig women design from DA.

  3. I’m sorry, but do you have anything kosher on the menu? I’m jewish. I’ve never tasted goat though, wonder how if its good or not. Anyone got any recommendations? The menu is difficult to navigate.

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