Lore – Chpt 12 Page 17

‘Out with the Goblin, In with the Old’

Akina’s brain shut off for a minute there. Trust me, girl… it’s only going to get worse.

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  1. Old lady Beth and Eliza dwarf version is here!Woot woot!
    I guess thanks to Marisa starting out as a old lady, I all was like to see this two as ones as well. This are some of their more fitting form in my book as well. Beth is just so good as the plum sweet old lady(though thanks to the scar show that she some thing more then that as well) and that outfit Eliza got on is some thing I can easy see her wearing. More so if she stay in the castle. Her having a cane was a nice touch as well .So happy to see this form as well as both of them together. What they said to Akina all so fit them very well to. As for Akina. Got to feel for the girl, there have been a lot of uuugh moment all ready and I dont think they be stopping any time soon.All so I will say this is better. I mean at lest they are back to the race they where before hand. Just need to fix the age a bit.

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