Lore – Chpt 12 Page 16

‘Not Broken’

Oof. If I heard someone openly call a kid that, I’d probably smack them and make them apologize.

3 Comments on “Lore – Chpt 12 Page 16

  1. WOW! I now Akina was going to act weird do to some one seeing her eye but did not think that much. Back in school I was in the Special class, so I now first hand how people can act to people if they think they are ….different.So with the way she act, all I can say is who ever Akina was around really drop the ball. Beside the full on freak out, some cute scene none the less. The little white and pink Akina is cute and seeing Beth dizzy is funny as well. Look like Beth is all so turning back to dwarf/human but seeing as she using the word dear and fret(as well as how young the chapter is) I dont think it back to the version we saw before. So the question is what will she become?

  2. Whoa talk about trauma with a T. Also I think Beth is changing to a different form based on her terminology.

  3. Wow….that’s a big thing, yeah. Shame that some people won’t do something if there’s the smallest problem. Like my dog. His owner gave him up because his ears could turn inside out, and my mom brought him home from the shelter. And my dog is awesome! So by that logic, so is Akina.

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