Lore – Chpt 12 Page 15

‘Feeling Deja-Vu’

Well now, what’s that, Akina? Everything okay with that eye?

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  1. Agree with Akina about it feeling weird about this not being the main Beth. I’ mean not shocking to hear but it just one of those thing that I will never really get a hand on thinking that even when we are in the main area(the true paths or the comic) they may still be just the what ifs. Any way I really like this page as we got to see all side of Beth. That shot of her climbing the chair was niiccee along with her brushing Akina hair out of the way. Though the shocker was getting to see Akina other eye. So she is blind in the other eye? If that the case I can see why she will hide it as one their really no reason to not cover it and she likely get tried of all the odd looks . The question is was she born this way or some thing that happen.

  2. Well Beth is certainly a surprise, also I this a callback to an earlier page where she can see things?

  3. I just checked the old pages. This is Akina’s real eye and not something that she changed with her magic. Her eye has never been shown.

  4. Well we have never seen Akira’s right eye. Her eye reminds me of Modred’s eyes and I don’t think he’s blind

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