Lore – Chpt 12 Page 14

‘Goblin Trio Now’

Should have been paying attention, Akina. Still, seems somewhat better for the moment, right?

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  1. Well Akina get her answer and I’m surprise with a few of it. One. Nice to get more shot of Beth in goblin form. Really like the tooth pop out of her lower jaw. It cute along with the rest of her. and I did like her light comment about fascination as well. Did not think Eliza would be speaking normal so soon (GREAT FREAK OUT FACE!) but I guess that show what ever Paige is doing is working. The panel of Beth changing is really funny along with her not even noticing the tf in the first place is very fitting of her. After so many tf it likely hard to notice some changes. LOVE the middle panel and how the page it self work around it.Man Marisa is one stuff duck her self right now. She going to need a new outfit after this. Any way agree with Akina that sort of good as that lest to worry about right now. All so it seem now it is Beth turn to ask if she now her as well. Winch Eliza did when they first saw each other. This is going to be fun to see how Akina answer this as I remember she have to keep some thing secrets.

  2. Well at least the Goblin behavior is out of the way for although I wonder how Akina will handle that question.

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