Lore – Chpt 11 Page 4

‘Scraps of the Past’

All they have left to work with I worry may be just enough for them to keep trying.

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  1. (look at some of the paths and fanart Fang has done) Dont be to shock if that happen at some point. Super heroes seem to be a big thing in writing. As Yvette said snark aside. ……Wow is all I can say and I mean that in many ways. Wow in that Manga fire seem to have work on ever thing that the Order had. I now he was going to be strong but dame that is some thing else. Wow that the Order had lose what sound like a lot of big deals. I mean one does not normal say “These long year” and simple mean 3 or 4 they normal mean 30 to 40.Along with that Boss man got the Bondage guy going though ash of all thing to find some thing. Say just how hard this hit them.

    That all said see as those three pages they have left is what started Lore for many people, those are likely some thing really good for them as well. “When you fail at some thing , some time it best to start at the very start.”

  2. And so they are left at the start, to begin again. Though its doubtful they’ll learn much from this playthrough

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