Lore – Chpt 11 Page 3

‘The Order of Business’

Oh wow, if that’s what Ohm really looks like, then you got off easy, girly.

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  1. Ok first thing before I get into the meat of the page. I sort of laugh at the Boss man with his other hand wrap up now as I can just see him n a few more chapter with both arm all wrap up in case in front of his chest.

    Now with joking a side……WHAT THE HELL OHM!?! DID YOU START AS A ROCK STAR AND THEN WENT TO THE OPERA!I mean really looking at the pages we have seen before of him and this and it like the meme watch who you pick on at school but back wards.All so I think this is the fist time I seen you put lighting with a good guy….at lest I think he a good guy. He is a pretty trick to tell. I say at best he is a side of his own. For the drawing it self I really like it simple do to the pose and the look in his eye. You can sort of tell that he more of sound then music. Like I dont even think he be all that lighting but it more there for the thunder part of it. All so I really like the colors. I all was been a more fan of dark colors. So taking away the white and leaving the gold, yellow and black is really nice in my eyes.

    I now there been a lot of hit in this page but really my eye and thought are really only on Rock Ohm here.

  2. I think the creator of the stories is this masked man we met through summer.

  3. An Imagina? A more advanced ink creature. Unfortunately it seems Mordred’s need for control has spiraled out of it

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