Lore – Chpt 11 Page 2

‘Yvette Returns’

Poor Lloyd… ehh, not really. He’s annoying. Let’s see what Yvette has to report about recent events.

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  1. (read the first panel) and here I was thinking that was show a good side of L last page. I saw it two ways. One that he does not care if she busted legs or not , he see her just like ever one else. Winch is a good thing in my book. Two I all so thought it was a Togh(avatar) joke. You now like how ever one forget that she is blind.

    As for the Half answer….is it bad that I say the same thing? More or lest when you now some one is the type to only give half truth. You can still get the answer but it be up to you to find what parts are true and what part are not. You are still likley to get more answer you just got to work a bit more for them. Still tough like for them that she all ready meeting with the boss man. I dont see them being able to easydrop as well.

    Last note. I like how he has three big books of the three main lines.

  2. One, Lloyd is a bumbling idiot. How he got as far as he did in his plan to destroy Chapter 1 is beyond me. But two… maybe it’s just the distance, but Yvette doesn’t seem to have that same swagger that she normally does. I can’t really blame her after her blunder last chapter, but still, it’ll be fun to see what excuses she gives Mordred.

    Also, I suppose this is as good a time as ever to say that I am absolutely blown away by Lore and everything that it has become. Just the original CYOA was ambitious in its own right, given that it could (and still is) expand pretty much into infinity, but this comic and the main stories make all of this feel so much more rich and real. And even with each branch of Lore being based on generic preexisting settings, the characters and plots are all so distinctly unique that you almost don’t even notice. Omnicules and Boundman might be little more than evil monsters plot-wise, but they’re creative monsters, and that’s surprisingly hard to come by. All the hints that are placed incredibly well throughout the series that point towards something that seems obvious when it finally shows up but no one guessed was coming (Mordred’s name and the letter addressed to Merlin but signed M comes to mind) really show just how far in advance you’ve planned out certain things. I could probably keep gushing, but the point is, you’ve done an amazing job. Thank you for all the hard work you put into making this incredible series, and I hope you are able to one day finish all of it, as impossible a task as it seems right now.

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