Lore – Chpt 11 Page 1

‘Clean Up Time’

Lloyd doesn’t seem thrilled about having to play janitor. And Zara… doesn’t seem thrilled with Lloyd period.

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  1. Lol! Of all the thing I could think that will happen next this was not one of them. This is why I see the Overlord more as the main villain right now. This guy are to much like a sickcom family….a very odd and mad one one but family none the less.

    • Yeah can’t even decide where to put the group on the evil organization meter. Right now to me their between the first Organization 13 and the colorful villains of Super Sentai.

    • I think Mordred is just as much a villain as the Overlord right now… as for the rest of the Lorecrafter “family,” I think it has too many decent people (Adel, Zara), and comedic foils (Lloyd) to be all that threatening. That being said, I’m really glad these guys have as much character as they do. It makes these “From the villains point-of-view” pages far more entertaining XD

  2. And who is ever thrilled with Lloyd, period?

  3. I’m an equal opportunity asshole, I would say no excuses.

    But in all seriousness yeah this guy’s an idiot for forgetting about that part.

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