Lore – Chpt 11 Page 5

‘Tension Rising’

Seems Yvette is playing her cards. Let us see how Mordred reacts next week.

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  1. Ok if nothing else, you got to give it to Mordred(first time I use his name I think). He runs a tight organization and I do like that. Really though out the page I was simple nodding my head thinking “yeah this is what you do when you get a set back” .I all so like his line in the second to last panel. A good bit of silver lining thinking there. We all so learn there are two …class in the order. You get the upper cases(winch I guess is any fancy look order member. Winch we get to see a new one. From what we can see it is a ninja.) and then you get the lower cases(Winch I will guess is the redshirt of the group.)

    So all around a nice page to see how thing work in the Order.

  2. Ooh, some new members revealed, judging by the robes.

  3. I don’t know why but the purple guy is giving me a Jack vibe. Maybe it’s his color scheme or the his side tassel reminds me of Jack’s braid.

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