Lore – Chpt 11 Page 21

‘Orderly Lessons’

Oh dear. Seems there might be more members to this little club than first thought…

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  1. All right first I what to talk about the page. This is a lot better looking … class room then I thought it would be. I thought it be a lot more lower going add classroom( ever one at desk. )It look just like a normal collage one. All so we see a number of new lorecrafter as well. I guess that why the ones we have all ready seen with their hoods down have them back up again. For the writing, we learn a bit more about the Imagina . Take the third panel, other Written that(have not been said all ready) could become ones are galaxy Ashley, two version Roya, The Eliza and Marisa in the comic right now and really any one that run into Ohm and his space. So I will guess there more to becoming one as that be a lot though from the sound of it that really the only way a written can face a lorecrafter head on. Just got to wait and see who become a Imagina and what they can really do.

  2. The complexity increases and the plot thickens.

    There’s certainly a lot more Lorecrafters in the guild than we were led to believe.

  3. I bet one of the students is going to asks questions and bring up that one Lorecrafter’s mistakes. Look forward to how this one plays out.

  4. anyone else find this a bit odd that there is a lorecrafter university?

  5. Isn’t that stance some what hypocritical for you, M o r d r e d?

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