Lore – Chpt 11 Page 20

‘Revival of Binding’

Uuugh, Marisa… you might want to have a look in that mirror… might give a heads up for what’s about to happen…

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  1. I now this page is a lot of bad new but I cant help but giggle madly at it as well. First thing first we see how Boundman got out of the ice and oh boy was that great looking. Just hoiw the eye look from the breaking of the ice would have made me love this page but there so much more as well. We all so fid the Lorecrafter that made him though from look you can tell he made him more from a self image then any thing else. Then we got Marisa who was just great though all of this. Here face where so cute and fun in the first two panel when Akina catch her with the book. At first I thought well that not to bad but then I got to the last one and my mouth drop.So it look she going goblin boys and girls!!Man did you make that panel look awesome. I love how she got some changes all ready with the skin, ears and others but the best part was the mirror image beside her. From that we can tell she going to be one pretty gobbo. Going to love that nose I feel. In the end Marisa took the word right out my mouth.

  2. Of course Boundman is a Lorecrafter creation. Though this would explain why he is more violent in the new true path.

  3. So the Boundman is an Edyt left free to cause havoc.

    As for Marisa, wonder why shes turning into a goblin

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