Lore – Chpt 11 Page 22

‘The Ink Runs High’

Darn. Wish we could have seen more of Lloyd making a mule of himself. Oh well, I’m sure he’ll give plenty of more chances.

3 Comments on “Lore – Chpt 11 Page 22

  1. Okay so at least we know the name of one more Lorecrafter. We are introduced to a concept that could be a dangerous threat the Lorecrafter since it was stated by Rumple that this happens often. If I didn’t know any better this is adding to a theory bubbling in my head. Also Lloyd being a donkey for five days is hilarious.

  2. Mmm I think I would agree with Lloyd and…. Katsu(not sure if he throwing that idea or just asking). Yes thing are going wild but that mean defense may not be in order and people may be able to set the seed of future plans with out being seen as the books eye are else where(ok that was a weird thing to say). All so why many can deal with the changes , that mean the order has at lest a few people that can go in safely. . Now that I said that I will bet that why Isaiah is freeing Boundman right now. It likely be the most easy time to do so and seeing as the book is throwing out a new True line for Unicorn trail. It show that their is some thing to this idea…..or I may just what to see Lorecrafter turn into donkeys and get body part blow off. Who really now?

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