Woodland Wanderings – Page 34

Father, Beastly

Beth’s back up – sort of. Which is good timing given what’s happening with her friend!

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4 Comments on “Woodland Wanderings – Page 34

  1. Really got to say I got some heart puller this time around. The image of the demon hand reaching out as Eliza can only watch in horror, we hear her mother crying and have no idea what going on. Then we end with Eliza calling for help. That bit about more” royal” does have me a bit worry as well.

    Then we jump to Beth who just getting up from her dream. We all so see in full the person that was hit at.Look like next page we are going to learn a bit about her ….that is if she answer Beth that is.

    • Its possible that he wanted to wed her off to some Prince in another kingdom. Or perhaps he was planning to overthrow the current monarchy.

  2. Well I was right that, beast is Eliza’s father in that reality. A perfect representation of how she sees him. Its a shame what a drunken night can do.

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