Woodland Wanderings – Walking With My Hippo Friend

Eliza asks about some clothing for Beth.

Eliza asks if she knew any magic to change Beth back.

Eliza asks if the gnome could show them the way out of the forest.

Walking With My Hippo Friend

Oh nice, they found one of the pop-ups! Maybe they can get a bit of a helping hand.

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One Comment on “Woodland Wanderings – Walking With My Hippo Friend

    First I love how Eliza hug Beth and told her how she feel and how warm she was . Beth could only let her and not think a bunch of fun thing. She so cute red face and ear a wiggling as well. I all so love how she use her cloak as a new neck tie. That was smart. Beside all of the sweet moment , I do like we got to see a truffleshroom pop up post(nice name by the way) pop up in the lore it self.

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