Woodland Wanderings – Silly Distraction

Eliza and Beth hide in one of the shops.

Eliza and Beth hide in an old abandoned house.

Eliza and Beth hide in the big library at the center of town.

Silly Distraction

Saved by the child. Not sure what might have happened had Marisa started to remember…

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One Comment on “Woodland Wanderings – Silly Distraction

  1. Hehe I got to say it weird to see Beth just take some thing like that. I remember her kobold version all so had a hook where she take stuff with out asking. I wonder if that a hint to some thing or just a idea Fang has for some version.

    Beside that with the last page behind her. It nice to see Marisa just having a nice day with her daughter and them having fun playing with other. I all so like how Eliza was the shy one as well.

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