Woodland Wanderings – What Spooks a Hydra?

Hearing loud rumbling from nearby, Eliza and Beth decide to head in the opposite direction.

Hearing loud rumbling swiftly coming towards them, Eliza and Beth find they are now the ones being hunted.

What Spooks a Hydra?

I can think of a few things – dragon, chimera, beholder, a much bigger hydra…

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One Comment on “Woodland Wanderings – What Spooks a Hydra?

  1. Ok I really like this page for two reasons. 1. Bring up the stuff about how their lower body hurt from all the moving does bring about a good point about their bodies as well as what Beth said about them getting stronger with time. I like to think anew body from a tf will all was be a bit weak as it new.
    The 2. thing is the bottom image. I agree with Eliza what could make a hydra scared as well as make a foot print like that!?

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