Woodland Wanderings – Elderly Naga

Marisa explains to them the rules of the tree.

Marisa gives them a list of ingredients for a reversion potion.

Marisa says she’ll tell them… but she needs a favor first.

Elderly Naga

And they meet Marisa again. Starting to think there’s something connecting these three together…

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2 Comments on “Woodland Wanderings – Elderly Naga

  1. Old naga Marisa! SHe look pretty good. Love how you did her hair and the cloth over her head. Her face having a bit more a mussle all so a nice touch. Story wise I got a laugh at Marisa comment and Eliza comment back at it. That last bit about not having a reason to turn back was all so a sad (that she have no reason to do so) but all so nice in a way as she find some thing better.
    OH! I all so like her cooking and the big spoon . Not bad for her at all.

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