Woodland Wanderings – Ley Lines and Crawling

Eliza tries to speak but only baby babble comes out – too young to speak.

The two take note of a glowing sundial near the cabine.

Beth notices a carriage coming down the road and tries to flag it down.

Ley Lines and Crawling

Well, they got out. Now where do they go so small?

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2 Comments on “Woodland Wanderings – Ley Lines and Crawling

  1. Baby time!! It is odd how funny it is seeing this two (along with Marisa some time) going all young. I guess thanks to Marisa having such a heave theme of age changing that it run off on this two as well. Plus I like the baby speak.

    All so I know we have never seen this. I hope the one with the cart is Mag or a younger version of that dwarf that Marisa date in the dwarf path.

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