Woodland Wanderings – Accelerating De-Aging

As the three looked back at the hut, they swear they see someone inside before the entire structure vanishes.

Accelerated De-Aging

Oh my. That could have ended badly if they stayed in any longer.

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2 Comments on “Woodland Wanderings – Accelerating De-Aging

  1. Well I say this, this is one of the more scary de ageing line we have seen. That help that we got the scary person in the background doing. We have two good ideas who that could be.

    For the story it self I like how you Beth and later on Eliza have to work together to get Marisa toward the door tell she got younger. All so having her younger then them all so was a nice touch. All so that last page is really cute if you dont look at the worry face they have.

  2. Oh man this is so an inconvenience for them. I vote 1.

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