Woodland Wanderings – Page 9

The two explore the corridors, seeing what looked like it might be the way out.

The two explore the corridors, yet feel more lost the further on they go.

‘Different Paths’

Okay, this is starting to get freaky…

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3 Comments on “Woodland Wanderings – Page 9

  1. Ok sliver path today are some nightmare fuel. At first I thought it was pretty funny and cute at the same time that Eliza did think that form was sexy(I would agree. Their face where pricless in ever shot) but that sure went down the drain as the copy come to be. I mean I love it as it make a lot of scent that sort of thing will happen but does not change that it was madding as well.Plus we have seen what happen when a person start to break down in place like this as they really start to break to piece. You can even see bit fall of the one Beth in the bottom panel. That said I’m loving how this is going. Feel some thing right out of Lovecraft theme work!

    All so I notice some thing but when they begin to crack so does the page.

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