Woodland Wanderings – Slimey Boots

Eliza and Beth manage to get the slimes off of them as they climb for solid, non-slimed ground.

Eliza and Beth are quickly overwhelmed by the slimes and consumed in the process.

Eliza and Beth were wrapped up and dragged along by the slimes. Where were they taking them?

Slimey Boots

Atleast they slimes can glow. Able to see SOMETHING amidst the dark, even if not a pleasant view.

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One Comment on “Woodland Wanderings – Slimey Boots

  1. LOL!! I think Eliza would have like the bats more then this. I mean having it dripping right down the front of your face like that has got to be bad for her.

    All so the face are just to cute. If not for the feel and what likely to come. They may make good friends/pets. That said That last bit mean this are just as bad as any other slime ooze or jelly in stories/games. Aka they are living pool of acid.

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