Woodland Wanderings – What Can Lydia Sell You?

Speaking of candy, Eliza found a shelf full of sweets!

Beth felt some of the charms felt strangely familiar…

While looking around, what appeared to be a shop pet took interest in them.

What Can Lydia Sell You?

Well, so far, nothing crazy is happening. Perhaps Lydia has mellowed with time and sisters since another Eliza and Beth encountered her?

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3 Comments on “Woodland Wanderings – What Can Lydia Sell You?

  1. Great pick Cody. Cant wait to see what type of trouble they get in this time. The candy can be any thing along with the pet. 2 on the other hand likely be their icons or a unicorn .
    That said really like how you made the icon into such nice looking jewelry. Seeing Eliza talk to Lydia was fun as well.

  2. Umm last time I recall those two step in to Lydia’s shop, it didn’t end well.
    I vote 2.

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