Woodland Wanderings – Gold for the Dead

As the sun begins to set, Eliza and Beth have no choice but to set up camp near the graveyard.

As they look for a way out, Eliza and Beth notice a pair of gravestones that causes a chill down their spines.

While searching for the road out, Eliza and Beth see someone wandering amidst the tombs.

Gold for the Dead

Well… that’s not a thing you want to encounter in the woods.

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One Comment on “Woodland Wanderings – Gold for the Dead

  1. Well this is a fitting page for Halloween. Two girls walking though a graveyard? What could go wrong. A lot of thing see who the two girl are. It was fun looking at the past page with stars in Eliza eyes to ill omen face in this page. All so if the name stick we now know that icon is called or at lest now as Eye of Remembrance. Nice bit of info all around.

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