Woodland Wanderings – Dwarves Abode

The dwarf gives them direction to get to Truffleshroom Tradepost.

The dwarf tells them the tradepost is closed but they can visit Fishjump instead.

The dwarf offers them a place to stay as it was getting dark out.

Dwarven Abode

Man, these two get really lost. Hopefully the tradepost can help them along their way.

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2 Comments on “Woodland Wanderings – Dwarves Abode

  1. LOL!! I love how the two act with the dwarf . First having to look down as they thought it be some one taller to Eliza puff out her chest in hope it make the guy help them. That said the big sale here is the Truffleshroom Tradepost. That I was not guess on happening any time soon.

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