Woodland Wanderings – Looking for Something that Moves

As the two sit there, they begin to hear something large moving in the forest.

As the two sit there, they feel the ground beneath them begin to move.

‘Looking for Something that Moves’

Maybe they can find an old van? I’m sure Beth can learn to hotwire, right?

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2 Comments on “Woodland Wanderings – Looking for Something that Moves

  1. All right. I had a lot of fun with this page why reading it. First thing first is I love how we saw how they did with the killing of animal food. I now a lot of people can be very hit or miss with such thing. My self it was never a big deal as I have been around farm all my life. That said both of the girl fit into what I thought they will be.Eliza not mind eating meat but never what to think about how it work and Beth can deal with it but try to be as detached from the deal as one can get. It was all so fun to see what Beth thought would work. The bison and boar would be fun but with their luck what ever coming at them will be no such thing.

  2. Wow very interesting and not to mention surprising. I vote one, maybe they will get a break.

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