Woodland Wanderings – Page 4

The two discover the stream flowing further into the darker corners of the forest.

The two find the stream cuts into a small gorge of sorts.

‘Surviving but Frustrated’

Eliza should be more grateful they’re just able to to survive after this long thanks to Beth mostly.

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2 Comments on “Woodland Wanderings – Page 4

  1. Really love this page as it show more of their skill set. Eliza tell where they are from flora and Beth do to tracks. Beside that I do like how Eliza called it greenhouse as well. All so good point about the river being a good way to find a way out….if this was a normal wood that is. Drawing wise I really like this image as we dont get many side shot and side shot for Eliza is all was fun as we get to see her bang more clear. All so love that she using a vine to keep her hair up. Them using chop stick was a nice touch as well. Beth look really good in the bottom one with her made spear and backpack. Really only a few pages in and I’m just loving how this been more about them then just finding the next tf.

  2. Very nice shows the skills they can employ. I vote 1 & 3 because each of those felt like the natural progression of the story.

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