Unicorn Trail – Pork Buns

The kitsune changes Eliza and Beth back to normal before running off.

The kitsune tries to take advantage when Marisa lets her guard down and tries to turn her into a piggy too.

Before either of them can make a move, the two pigs run off.

Pork Buns

Oh dear. I think the kitsune might want to hurry or it’ll be kitsune on the menu.

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2 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – Pork Buns

  1. Hehehe Nice to see the pig one show up as well. Why not much change between the three meal, it still some thing that was a must see for me.

  2. Unlike with the cows and chickens, seeing them look like… well almost normal pigs is a neat touch. Just like with the noodles hanging off of Eliza’s mouth.

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