Another Princess Story – A Rat Trap Situation

As Beth said, they made surprisingly quick travel time compared to the day before.

A Rat Trap Situation

Atleast the fur makes a nice bit of cover. Though I’m guessing Eliza isn’t going to see it that way.

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2 Comments on “Another Princess Story – A Rat Trap Situation

  1. Well that was fun.Normal the tf is done a lot faster, so it was nice to see more detail as they change and how they act toward it. I like how Eliza freak out why Beth was ok with it. Not shocking that Eliza hate tf that are bug or vermin like. Though Beth thinking it cute made me aww.
    I all so like how they both use their past exp for this as well. Beth thinking of the delayed part and Eliza thinking about people being able to under stand them.
    Last thing I wish to speak of is I like how they look in the end as well. Still enough human look to tell them from a normal one if you now what to look for but still real animal like as well
    I all so like how you did Beth fur color. Make it look like she have her normal long hair but fuse to the rest of her body.,

  2. I just love the look the two of them have as rats, with the fur matching the hair. It’ll be fun seeing how the two of them deal with this.

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