Unicorn Trail – Dwarven Rewrite

Marisa is rather pleased by what she sees.

‘Dwarven Rewrite’

Well, I don’t think Marisa was expecting that.

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2 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – Dwarven Rewrite

  1. I’m still shipping her with Gazel. Also another one where I can’t choose between the two but I’m leaning towards two.

  2. Ok getting a full papa for the tf was so worth it. The old style was fun and all but now a days doing into detail and see the changes in work is a lot more fun. Do love how you writing this out as it does fill like what a machine would feel like or say magic. The image are just agree. Marisa is super cute as a dwarf. Love how full she look look as well as that last drawing with her now over size clothing. Last part is Gazel and how he deal with this. I think he like what he is seeing do to the linger part.

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