Another Princess Story – Toy Shop Hide-Away

The sun wasn’t fully down, so Eliza and Beth decide to head for the magic shop just a few doors over.

As Eliza is eyeing the bigger doll, she gets a chill down her spine, swearing she saw it move.

Toy Shop Hide-Away

Hey, at least you got something to wear. I’m not sure how well those clippings were going to hold up.

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One Comment on “Another Princess Story – Toy Shop Hide-Away

  1. Well hell. Boundman Jr may show up again. Really I think that thing was worst then him. I mean Boundman is creepy but that…thing….(shiver ) I hate toys like that.
    That said I do love the outfits. Eliza still look great but Beth still the show with the more even girl look . Love that she had the huge bow tie to her hair. The buttons is a nice touch to make them more doll like All so having Eliza jealous of the larger dolls outfits was great.

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