Lore – Chapter 14 Page 10

Learning from the Start

Got to start at the basics to understand the harder stuff later.

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  1. All was a good place to start and I all ready like this first thing. Nothing better then throwing some thing at some one. Why I image this will easy blind someone if throw at the face. See as this is magic ink, this is going to take the head off the dummy.

    The middle part is what got my mind racing. Not for how well it make scent but it all so made me think of some thing. Lorecrafter magic is simple the writing word. There so many way to write though. To keep it simple say paint and lead(aka pencil) .So it going to be fun to see why those thing and not others or are their Lorecrafter subclass out there!?

  2. So in terms of training a Lorecrafter can be divided into 6 distinct groups ranging from novice, ink, container, pen, paper, and master. The reason I say six is because the discipline has 4 distinct types of “equipment” that through their studies Lorecrafters are required master one after the other.

    Among the, “Order of the Lost page” power seems to derive from mastering of each type of equipment. Ink is the first stage of mastery where one uses ink to manipulate their surroundings and their physical selves. Basic ink attacks seem to be the lowest of this. Bottle is the second stage and the most numerous amongst the order. The, “Bottle” representing the creation of ink creatures/automatons that carry excess ink for a Lorecrafter to use. Creation and control seems to be at the center of this discipline. As you need to be able to control and give orders to the things you create. As losing that control can cause all sorts of havoc. In the third discipline you achieve the pen, which requires a great mastery and understanding of the previous disciplines. With the pen, you are able to manipulate the fundamental underpinnings of the written world. Able to change or modify aspects of plot, scene, and characters. In the order this seems to be a privilege stage that can be revoked due to irresponsibility as seen with Loyld. It is a powerful tool that can cause undetermined amounts of destruction in the hands of someone not ready for it.

    Finally we have the “paper”. Currently there is little in the way of knowledge to discuss how this works. But it is likely tied to a Lorecrafter’s ability to create pocket dimensions or completely change the events of a written world. In fact its likely the machine crafted to keep the Book of Lore in a loop is caused by this. We also see a file that is Paige’s inn, this is likely the main use of, “paper” as she can place anywhere which also seems to change the inn’s appearance.

    A master is someone who’s completed mastering all four disciplines. Allowing them to teach others. The master of the, “Order of the Lost Page” and Paige herself are the only two that exist. Though Master Mordred is more experienced.

    Beings like Rumpelstiltskin and the Mask Guy also seem to be Lorecrafters of the Master ability. Though its likely they’re Imaginery versions of a master.

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