Another Princess Story – Gawking Petrified

The two are placed right next to the other statue for a lovely set.

Not everything though was as it seemed…

Gawking Petrified

Well… they certainly ended up very pretty statues…

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3 Comments on “Another Princess Story – Gawking Petrified

  1. Ok I got two feeling for this.
    1.Man that first part is creepy. Like having your body slow turn to stone as people watch and talk abut what good art piece you will be. All that time you what to scream for help or cry and you cant . Really that is just horror there.
    2.That all said…THEY LOOK SO PRETTY!I really like the title they gave to them and I do feel it fit them well. Beth have all was been the big sister and I can easy see that move to a mother figure.Plus I do love how she look with the baby bump. Eliza all was had a nature theme and see as the food are gems , it be a show of wealth winch normal fit Eliza as she the rich one.

  2. I give it until the following morning for someone to steal all the jewels.

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