Cyber Road – Valveworks Home

Zane takes Ashley and Cara up to the main house and get the former situated in a guest room.

The trio is greeted by one of Zane’s siblings who takes over for Zane who has a work call.

Valveworks Home

Well, I figured robotics was lucrative but wow does Zane’s family got a sweet deal.

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One Comment on “Cyber Road – Valveworks Home

  1. Well his mom look pretty…ish. She look better if she smile but I have a feeling all ready that odd for her. Really like the makeup.

    That said I do like this page as we got to learn a lot more about Zane.His mother, he has a number of siblings and not sure how rish one will have to be in the cyber world but to own such a build mean he not poor that for sure. All so got to agree with Cara mother that her place may not be the best place for Ashley at the moment.

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