Another Princess Story – Dark Emotions Tinted Green

Roya turns the two into toads.

Roya turns the two into hags too.

Roya destroys a wall with her mana, scaring the two away as she fights to control her temper.

Dark Emotions Tinted Green

Uh oh. I’d run girls – You have a one in three chance this wont end badly.

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2 Comments on “Another Princess Story – Dark Emotions Tinted Green

  1. Honestly, while the other two options might be interesting to see, the last option just seems like the most “Roya” of all the options.

  2. LOLOL!! This was a great page. Do love that we find out how Eliza and Mag started this dance of their. All so I like Beth just called it the big nose incident.Love the choice that Roya have for tfs. Toads are a classic and them becoming hags as well make me think of a nice witch coven.

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