Another Princess Story – A Witch’s Guise

As Roya runs away, she bumps into the two responsible for this and feels anger welling in her…

Roya runs to the castle but is unrecognized and turned away.

Roya rushes to the royal mage for help in fixing this matter.

A Witch’s Guise

Oh my! Roya certainly looks the part of the witch more than a princess now.

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One Comment on “Another Princess Story – A Witch’s Guise

  1. Roya is a witch once more and oh boy does she look great in the new style. I like how you rip the dress even more then before hand and her hair is even more wild looking. Of course got to love a real witch nose as well. All around a great page for Halloween.
    Seeing what happen to Eliza last time Roya was a witch. Hopeful her and Beth can run away fast. …..(look at the old path)

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