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One’s Hobby Muse

Aww, don’t feel ashamed of what you like, Akina. Whatever it is you enjoy, embrace it.

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  1. Pretty normal hobbies to me.Just throw in video games and she be most kids now a days..That said I do wonder what hobbies she can have the would be geeky or different. As ones that where seen as such back in my day(I’m all most 40 mind you) is pretty main stream now a days.

    Any way I do like the line up of Lorecrafter you pick for hobbies show off. L is most normal with his video games, if not told many would think Zara is into card games. As for the other two..guess their are more for goals or Adel hobbies are wood cutting.

    • Adel is into knights and honor. That sort of theme inspires him.

  2. I think there’s a tv show that deeply inspires her, but as an adult makes her feel embarrassed

  3. Me I never grew out of my hobbies and I never will. Those childish things I will never put away because they help keep me sane. Especially in insane times, We must find things to take comfort in lest we lose ourselves.

    For me though I’ll still love Star Wars and I’ll still love video games and comic books and “good movies,” right now though I’m just waiting for the inevitable collapse of the current Babylon that is Hollywood. I want to see those independent makers and creators. Those people who had a passion for geeky stuff that ended up making our childhoods.

    The love and passion of the craft without the corruption involved in any way.

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