Lore – Chapter 14 Page 13

Stronger Shots, Less Ink

There you go, Akina. Good hit! Just be careful how much ink you use!

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  1. So that what happen. Never thought of this but this is likely one of the few stories I have read where the mages use some thing that we can see for power. More or lest it all was just some un seen forces unless the writer what it to be seen.

    So because of that this is the first time I think where take in to much magic is not simple”Dont do that or you die…not really .” So I like that. All so nice to inky Akina again.Not sure but I think this be a good saidway into that hole Lorecrafter/written fusion we seen.

  2. LORE, LORE!

    By that I mean we’re getting an explanation on what makes the ink special and why Akina froze up like that. Lorecrafters put mana into the ink and are able to manipulate it to preform their magic.

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